All visitors to the SPC campus must check in with the front office before entering.

Please have your ID ready to present to the front desk clerk.

*If you do not have identification you will not be permitted on campus.*


The volunteer form is now available online and needs to be filled out every five years. All parents/volunteers should park in front of the school in the designated areas.

All volunteer applicants will undergo a Level 2 background screening. Volunteer fees will be the responsibility of the applicant for applications submitted for field trip purposes only. The fingerprinting fee is collected at the time of fingerprinting in the amount of $40.75, payable by debit/credit to a third-party vendor. Volunteer fees for ongoing volunteer services will be borne by the District.

Approved volunteers will remain active for five (5) years from the date of approval. Upon expiration, a new volunteer application must be submitted for approval. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to maintain active status.